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97% traders lose capital while trading Forex. Our Forex trading workshop helps you to identify the trends and trading strategies. We teach how to trade in Forex Market wisely with money management. Remember the best trading strategy is only with money management.
Join us and learn how to trade in the Forex Market.

CFD Trading

Derivatives are the financial contracts which derive their value from some other variables and allowing the traders to trade with leverage. So it is important to improve trading skills in Derivative Market so that a trader can utilise the leverage wisely. Join our 4 hours workshop and learn how to trade in the Derivative Market.


Everyone has the power to follow the Stock Market but don't trade Stock which you don't understand. Our Stock Market workshop helps you to identify the potential Stocks based on your profession & what kind of trading style suits you & how to trade stocks using technical analysis. Join us and learn how to trade in the Stock Market.

Our Training Programs

Step 1. Trading Plans & Strategy

Strategy can be adverse without a legitimate planning.

We help you to improvise your trading skill to trade like a professional.

Step 2. Free Forex Basic Seminar

  • What is Forex, Minor & Major Currency
  • How to understand Charts(Candlesticks)
  • How to enter & exit trade using MT4

Step 3. Traders Gathering

Every 15th day of the month

naren  (1)

Naren Raj

Business Development & Trainer

Certified Technical Analyst
Trading experience from past 10 years.

Our Instructor

  • Money Management expert on Stocks & Mutual Fund
  • Certified Technical Analyst from NCFM (India)
  • Provides training for beginners and intermediate traders
  • A successful Forex trader since 2003
Mistakes To Avoid While Trading Forex

Trying To Find The Depth Of Market

Neglecting Money Management

Lack Of Trading Plan, Discipline & Patience

Thinking Forex Trading Is Easy

Not Trading At Optimal Price Points

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Trading the market with Math Magic Number

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